Dr Deitrick

Dr. Deitrick will come to your small business and evaluate your current employee wellness program. She will add suggestions for improvement.

If you don’t have an employee wellness program, no problem! Dr. Deitrick and her team will evaluate your current employee needs and help you to establish one.

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Group Presentations

Dr. Deitrick will hold LIVE workshops/seminars for individuals in a small group setting or a webinar for those who want to learn how to get a hold of how to best handle stress and find your calm. These discussions are educational, informative, fun and yes, relaxing!!

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Relax and Ready book

Dr. Deitrick has written books including “Relaxed and Ready – A Simple Roadmap to Reducing Workplace Stress and Frustration,” and the adult coloring book, Relaxed and Ready, designed to reduce anxiety levels. Her upcoming book “Reflective and Ready – A Reflective Journal to Your Soul,” will help readers to gain insights and inspiration to find their calm and enjoy a more full-filled life.

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