Tips for Staying Calm
Check out my list for how to stay calm and relaxed.

If you are seeking additional guidance on meditation, my friend Dr. Carol Penn is a specialist in meditation and movement. Learn more here.

The apps, Insight Timer and Calm, offer music, guided meditations and more to advance your meditation practice.

Books and Publications
My books, Relaxed and Ready – A Simple Roadmap to Reducing Workplace Stress and Frustration,” and the adult coloring book, Relaxed and Ready, are designed to reduce anxiety levels. My upcoming book, “Grateful and Ready – a Reflective Journal to Fuel the Soul,” is debuting soon. To learn more, visit

A Healthy Heart
It’s incredibly important to keep your stress under control and remain calm to benefit your heart and your body. The American Heart Association lists some excellent tips here.

I have created videos listing ways to stay relaxed, find your calm, as well as tips for staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. You may find my YouTube Channel here.

Listen to my short podcast listing additional suggestions to find your calm (12 min). Link here.

Check back as I add more resources to the list!

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